"Test and Balance"

Even best designed HVAC systems need tuning up every now and then. Our test and balance services will make adjustments in your system's air and water flows, which will help keep them operating to design specifications.

Our team of experts will help you verify that your HVAC systems were installed and are working as expected with a certified test and balance (TAB) to ensure comfortable, healthy and efficient buildings. Our Test and Balance Technicians perform field testing and analysis of HVAC systems, make system adjustments, record readings, and prepare test and balance reports.

Air Balancing:

Providing a complete Testing and Balancing service includes being able to identify problems that may exist with a system. We use the best instrumentation and follow AABC standards to provide a "Total System Balance". Properly balancing an HVAC system requires a good understanding of what is required and the proper approach. For example, with a VAV system we start at the boxes and with low pressure systems we start at the fan. Similarly, diagnosing an airflow problem requires the proper approach and an understanding of things like system effect or expected pressure losses

When airflow readings are not within design criteria, it often means a pulley or sheave change is required. We have the expertise to properly size and replace sheaves to deliver the required flow. If a motor change is required, we can determine the simple payback of replacing a low efficiency motor with a higher efficiency motor

Duct Leak Testing:

Water Balancing is a significant part of a "Total System Balance". We have had many years of experience with hydronic systems and we have the tools and expertise to properly balance or diagnose any problem. Even when flow devices are not installed, we offer the option of non-invasive Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow readings. With Transit Time ultrasonic flow technology, we can provide accurate water flow readings simply by connecting transducers to the pipe exterior. Unlike Doppler Ultrasonic Flow technology which relay's on particulates in the fluid to get an accurate reading, Transit Time Technology can be employed when the fluid is clean. This provides a great tool for us that can be used in numerous applications and in a variety of industries.

Sound and Vibrations:

As part of our "Total System Balance" we can provide Sound and Vibration Measurement and Analysis. Sound pressure readings can be provided in Octave Bands or even 1/3 octaves if necessary. With Vibration testing, we offer simple displacement measurements as well as a more comprehensive FFT analysis.

Infrared Inspections:

With a Level 1 ITC certification in Thermography we can provide the necessary skill set to diagnose your Mechanical, Electrical or building envelope problems. As part of a mechanical or building inspection, Thermography is a powerful tool that bridges the gap where other technologies fall short. When employed as a predictive maintenance tool, thermal images can be used to identify a failing bearing, for example, long before a costly shutdown is required.