Corrosion Engineering
"Corrosion Engineering - Sophisticated solutions for corrosion problems: Bridges, structures, and facilities"

Corrosion is a natural enemy of steel structures and can cause failure of your assets. Sargon Engineering Company can provide the best defense against corrosion to extend structure life and reduce downtime. We provide innovative corrosion control engineering solutions for corrosion problems of all types and sizes of steel bridges, buildings, structures, facilities and refineries of oil and gas industry.


At Sargon Engineering Company, our goal is to evaluate environmental conditions, draw independent conclusions based on the data, and design a world-class corrosion control solution that provides long-term solutions to our client's issues. By identifying potential corrosion risks up front, our engineers can provide recommendations to minimize and/or eliminate corrosion risk in the most cost-effective manner.

Environmental Analysis

Sargon Engineering Company engineers are experienced in analyzing and evaluating environmental factors that can result in corrosion, using such methods as soil surveys, site evaluations, stray current analysis, and water analysis. Corrosion mitigation strategies can be developed and implemented when the environmental analysis determines that corrosion risks are sufficient to warrant them.

Material Selection and Evaluation

Proper selection of materials is a critical component in minimizing corrosion risk. Based on the Environmental Analysis, our engineers can make material recommendations to minimize or eliminate corrosion. In addition, they will assess the potential interaction between dissimilar materials and make design recommendations to eliminate, minimize or negate the impact of dissimilar metals in a product or project design.

Coating Selection and Evaluation

The use of selective coatings is another important design element to minimize corrosion risk. Sargon Engineering Company engineers can evaluate proposed coating materials and application procedures and/or make recommendations for the proper coating systems to optimize cost and effectiveness.

Preliminary Cathodic Protection Criteria Evaluation

Our engineers can provide recommendations as to the need for cathodic protection after evaluating corrosion criteria from the Environmental Analysis, and after evaluating the materials of construction and the use of coatings. Should this evaluation result in a recommendation for the use of cathodic protection, we can provide conceptual designs and budgetary estimates in advance of a detailed cathodic protection system design.

Cathodic Protection Design

At Sargon Engineering Company we deliver total cathodic protection (CP) solutions for the toughest corrosion challenges worldwide. Our team is qualified to design cutting edge world-class CP solutions for any corrosion problem, regardless of industry, regardless of type. Our holistic approach provides our clients with a cost-effective way to preserve assets, reduce liability and inspection costs, and enhance compliance with environmental regulations. Our goal is to design a CP solution that protects their assets, provides needed longevity, and reduces the disastrous effects and costs of future corrosion related failures.

Please feel free to contact us for all corrosion problems of all types and sizes of steel bridges, buildings, structures, facilities and refineries of oil and gas industry.