"Equipment Design Engineering"

Sargon Engineering's experienced team of design engineers provide expert design and development for any Equipment design you need in any industry including Agricultural and Farm Equipment. We also provide manufacturing assistance for the Equipment.Our experienced engineering team will work with you to design a custom, efficient set of equipment that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Sargon Engineering's static equipment engineering services comprises of the design and analysis of pressure vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, and boilers. Our proficient team of qualified engineers has the experience across industrial equipment and engineering companies of managing a wide range of projects for customers from petroleum refineries, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, wastewater plants, reactors, condenser, evaporators, and more.We are the preferred choice for organizations from around the world for equipment design with high-quality performance, quick response time, and acute knowledge of international codes and standards like ASME Section VIII, API & TEMA for industrial equipment engineering services.

Regardless of whether the equipment is mechanical in nature, has many moving parts, or is a chemical process involving separations, reactions, or conversions, Sargon Engineering is able to provide specialized equipment design services. We can design from a process developed by your team, or work with you to develop and refine the process model. Our team of experienced engineers and designers will coordinate with your operators, engineers, vendors, and other project stakeholders in order to identify and rank the design requirements, identify solutions, and provide options and recommendations to your key decision makers. Sargon Engineering maintains relationships with multiple vendors, suppliers, and fabricators worldwide. This provides us with the ability to offer continuous support for your project from the design phases, through procurement, fabrication, and commissioning phases.

Sargon Engineering has helped multiple customers with both Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Design projects. Whether on the farm, in a mine, or on the job site; heavy equipment is largely responsible for the modern world we live in today. We draw on our backgrounds in sheet metal, weldments, and hydraulics as well as work in the dairy, fruit, row crop, construction, and mining sectors. We are able to start with an idea drawn in the dirt or sketched on a napkin and assist our clients in taking it all the way to a finished product that saves them time and drives profitability.

The heavy equipment market has been going through a technological revolution since the first GPS units were installed on machines in the mid 1990's. That simple innovation has unlocked a world of possibilities through the integration of on-board computing, wireless connectivity, and even self-driving technology. However, high tech features are only one half of the equation, heavy equipment also needs to operate in the harshest conditions while still maintaining the operator's safety. Sargon Engineering is well positioned to help clients not only design solid machinery builds with reliability, ruggedness, and strength at its core, but also to assist with the integration of high tech components that drive speed, intelligence, and up-time.

Whether you are a large OEM looking for a reliable engineering source to augment your in-house engineering department on Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Design projects or a farmer with a hand drawn concept and no idea how to get it built, we are here to help!

Sargon Engineering uses the latest CAD software coupled with FEA simulation and real world fabrication experience to take your ideas from concept through to design and into production. When it becomes time to move beyond a digital design, Sargon Engineering has relationships with many different fabricators and controls companies who excel in everything from building 1 prototype all the way up to full scale mass production of standard product lines.

Please contact us and let us know what Equipment you need. We will be happy to provide Equipment Design Engineering and solutions you at a very competitive pricing. We will also help you to build Equipment via our suppliers and fabricators worldwide.