Sargon Engineering is a full service engineering consulting firm located in northern New Jersey, USA. Our primary objectives are to provide leading-edge, creative, innovative, unique, and robust engineering solutions to clients.


Sargon Engineering offers a broad range of engineering services including Engineering Consulting, Mechanical, Plumbing, Test and Balance, Special Services, Technical Drafting / CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Machine Design, Industrial Equipment Design, New Product Design, Product Packaging Design, HVAC Systems Design, Engineering Services for Municipal and Government, Contract Manufacturing, and Engineering Research.


The engineers at Sargon Engineering are highly qualified and they are able to provide engineering effort in key areas of mechanical engineering.


Sargon Engineering is dedicated to provide high quality and cost effective practical solutions to their clients both nationwide in the US and worldwide. The satisfied clients are our valuable customers. They are also the source of repeat business.


We are quite affordable. Call us now and we will be working on your situation in minutes.